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1:4 Scale RC Motorbike
New Frame Mounted E-Gyro
E-gyro & E-Gyro ESC Included
Brushless Motor and ESC included
Partially 3D printed, STL file included for re-printing some components

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AR:3D Pre-Order Combo Offer (with Motor & ESC)
• Type: 1:4 Scale RC MotoX/Enduro Bike 
• Motive Power: 4-Pole Brushless Electric & LiPo 
• 3900kv Brushless Motor & 60A ESC included
• Mini, Fixed Speed E-Gyro ESC also included
• Stabilisation: Frame Mounted 2nd Gen E-Gyro 
• Frame & Forks Materials: Alloy & Part 3D Printed 
Pre-Order Combo Offer Details
• Pre-Order Period: Open 12/08/17 – Close 12/09/17
• Pre-Order Offer Price: €286 +VAT for UE*
• Pre-Order Payment Required: 50% on order with 50% on delivery. Therefore €143 +VAT for UE) and **€143 (+VAT for UE) plus delivery costs
• Delivery cost can be paid on ordering online during the presale period or on delivery 
• Ordering system: online
• Delivery timing: November 2017 (for orders received until September 12th), December (for orders after September 12th)
*NOTE: Full price after Pre-Order Offer is €409 +VAT for UE
**Closer to delivery time, AR Racing will contact those that reserved the bike during the pre-sale period, informing them that the product is ready to be delivered and requesting they complete the payment (remaining 50% plus delivery costs if not paid already).
"The dawn of the true RC Enduro Bike is upon us..."
AR Racing proudly presents the culmination of a decade of 1:4 Scale RC bike development, the new AR3D. 
Stable at low, medium & high speeds. Composed in the air, agile & nimble on the ground. The new AR3D is a ground-breaking development in the RC bike genre. The new Frame Mounted E-Gyro system sets a benchmark in stability & ease of piloting.
By removing the E-Gyro from the rear wheel, and utilising lighter, spoked wheels, a far more realistic handling dynamic has been created. The shock ratio is now correct so the rear swing arm and wheel are far more efficient at soaking up the bumps, and getting the power down when you need it most. It’s the most realistic RC bike on the market and thanks to a unique new steering geometry, we have achieved many goals at once: -
• The steering geometry (and its mechanism) is now so compact that we have created enough room to relocate the existing AR E-Gyro from the rear wheel to where the engine sits in a real bikes frame. This alters drastically the bikes G of G and thus its handling.
• We have achieved a unique experience when piloting the bike, one that you can’t find with any other, ever made. The 3D exhibits incredible stability at low speed, but also offers precise control of the bike at high speeds. The E-Gyro doesn’t try and counteract the bikes ability to turn, instead it works in conjunction with the geometry to add stability without sacrificing agility.
• We have removed the metal springs seen on older generation bikes and instead used direct links and rubber tubing to offer a more ‘connected’ steering response and ‘feel’. End users can still adjust the steering response, using standard components that can be purchased from any LHS. 
• With the Gyro now relocated into the main frame, this solution offers (beside a more realistic bike look), other tangible benefits: -
• The C of G of the bike is now much more in line with a 1:1 bike, and weight bias is not rearward. This offers more stability when jumping, and a much more realistic flight dynamic. 
• Un-sprung Mass is greatly reduced, if you consider that the e-gyro alone weights some 600g, the suspension can now cycle more realistically and efficiently. 
• If the bike is used in a Supermoto configuration, it can now offer much higher cornering speeds, thanks to the better weight distribution and weigh bias.
The AR3D’s USP
As you can see the bike is not injection moulded, but it is machined and then partly 3D printed! We believe this is one of the first commercial Hobby Grade RC products in the World to be released with these 3D printed features and future upgrade options.
With inexpensive and yet accurate consumer 3D printing technology in more homes, education, and businesses, you can now design new parts, modify the existing AR3D STL files, add additional detailing parts, like mufflers, and make the bike as realistic as you want. 
But the most exiting aspect of owning an AR3D, is that you can also print your own replacements of broken parts! That’s a ground-breaking development, and truly the future for the hobby. 
But don’t worry in case you don’t own or have access to a 3D printer, you can always get spares from us!
Parts Not Included, But Required to Complete the AR3D
• A Standard 2.4GHz Surface *2 or *3 CH Tx/Rx combo
• A High Torque, Metal Geared standard sized steering servo. Minimum torque rating of 10kg. 
• Standard Hard Cased, ‘Brick Pack’ RC Car LiPo Pack, 7.4V 2S 5000 mAh recommended 
*NOTE: For the E-Gyro power, you have two options:
1. Use the supplied mini Gyro ESC with a fixed gyro speed, that can be used with standard 2 CH transmitters
2. Use a helicopter or airplane 20A ESC in conjunction with a 3CH transmitter, allowing on the fly adjustment of the e-Gyro’s RPM to suit the running surface, for total control.
Parts Included with the AR:3D Pre-Order Combo
• Standard 540 4-Pole 3900kv Brushless Motor (3.17mm shaft) and 60A LiPo Compatible ESC
• Clear AR Body Panels: Seat/Tank/Front Mudguard
• Assembled and tested E-Gyro and E-Gyro ESC
• Access to AR3D STL Parent File Library
• The AR3D Bike (Semi-Assembled)
• Assembly instructions
• AR3D Decal Sheet
• AR3D Pilot
The Early Bird offer is available exclusively here: and will run for 1 month only, and then the pre-order book closes at 12pm on 12/09/2018.
Disclaimer: If the Pre-Order offer does not reach our minimum order quantity, AR Racing will fully reimburse the Pre-Order Down payment amount).

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