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Q How do we ship products
Q Which engine may I use for the NITRO version?
Q Stabilizing mechanism
Q My bike fall often. Why?
Q What maintenance does it need?
Q Do I have to add some oil in the fork?
Q The chain did fall daw.Why?
Q Do I need a special battery charger?
Q I never drove a rc bike before. Is it difficult?
Q CanI trasform my cross in motard?
Q Can I trasform my electric in nitro?
Q Battery is fully charged but bike don't work. Why?
Q How can I have assistance?
Q My bike turns only in one direction. How can I solve this?
Q Why a steering rod broke?
Q Can I use it under the rain or in the water?
Q Is it normal that motor and battery produce heat?
Q The ESC cut the power to the motor. Why?
Q How can I adapt the bike set up to different surfaces?
Q Fork does not slide smooth, how can I improve it?
Q How long does it take to charge a battery?
Q How long will last the battery charge?
Q Which batteries are suitable for the electric version?
Q Where can I buy a bike?
Q Do you find difficulties in turning? Try following this instructions
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