ARX540 Base Electric Cross building box (only on line)

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Available with electric flywheel. The bike has to be assembled.

Radio controlled motorbike 1:4

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The pictures refers to the look of the bike at the end of the assembling process, with the electronic components, that are not included in the building box product. All electronic components are not included in the building box and can be purchased apart.

Available with electric flywheel. The bike has to be assembled.

Radio controlled motorbike 1:4

        Version: Cross with power supply
        Stabilizing system with electric flywheel

Length: 528mm, Width: 270mm Height: 390mm, Wheelbase: 370mm
And  it's possible to convert the bike  purchasing one of the conversion kits


Moto RadioControlled 1:4 scale. Total weight 3.2 kg. Dimensions L x W x H 52x18x30 unmanned.

Frame 4 sidewalls (2 upper and 2 lower 2mm aluminum, laser-cut anodized matte black) joined by 2 mm steel and 6mm spacers machined from solid aluminum with CNC technology. This system helps to keep the upper zone of the frame lighter and to have a low center of gravity resulting in excellent stability and handling of the motorcycle on any type of terrain. The upper part of this area (away from water, mud and debris to the ground) is an ideal to locate the electronics, receiver / servos. The lower part is dedicated to the motor / battery and is reinforced with aluminum spacers to counteract the torsional stresses that are created in situations of extreme riding.

Front fork upside down (upside down) spring, bolted to the frame with double plate in technopolymer. The steering is provided by agents of connecting rods plastic bushings Derlin. Even at the front every detail is made of polymer. The "games" reduced these components allow you to have maximum smoothness of the suspension, speed and precision steering operation and robustness of the whole. The plastic (a polymer suitable specially designed) was chosen in the construction of the connecting rods to create an element of shock absorption in the event of impact, to safeguard the most expensive of all the elements constituting the model.

Swingarm: is composed of two half-arms in cast aluminum joined to a central body in polycarbonate. The swingarm is pre-assembled with foot shock absorber and chain guide.

Pinion chain is positioned on fixing the swingarm to the frame, this allows to obtain a constant tension of the chain throughout the race compression / extension of the rear suspension, ideal solution, however, always sought during the development of the real motion but difficult to obtain.

Rear shock absorber oil billet coil spring with a constant pitch and reinforced leg. To search for the best set-up suited to the surface of Use, you can vary the spring preload by turning the threaded ring, you can choose between 6 different mounting positions of the shock and then you can vary the shade of olive oil in it.

Body made of transparent polycarbonate.

Pilot The pilot is black white and orange.

The colors of the components are subject to change based on various updates that are made.
Spare parts not included in this kit, needed to ride:
Engine: KV4300 Brushless albero 3.17mm (1/8" shaft)
ESC: 45A Brushless ESC
Battery. Available Batteria 7.2V NiMh, 3.300 mAh
Radio. Available: Radio 2.4G radio system (2CH) or 2.4G radio system TL 3C
Servo.  Available Servo: 3.5kg x cm

Battery charger. Available: 220Volt-9 Volt, 350mAh

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